About Me

I'm a writer. I've been writing pretty much my whole life, but I've only recently started to publish, unless you count a few articles in military newspapers "published." For a few years I've been a "guest columnist" for the faith sections of both of Honolulu's major newspapers. I now have a book in print and another one in process, with three more lined up behind it.

I'm also a Christian. That's a pretty nebulous term actually. It means so many different things to so many different people. To my Mormon friend, it means something quite different than it does to my Pentacostal friend. Who's right and who's wrong? The term means a Christ follower, so techincally I guess anyone who follows Christ can be a Christian, even if they follow someone else. For me, however, "Christian" means much more than being a follower. I rely upon the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to bring me into intimate fellowship with God. I value that relationship above all others and I try to live my life as if it isn't my own, but is God's. I don't count on God to always bless me in the way I expect, but I do count on him to help me become more like him so that I can glorify him and experience his joy. That to me is what a Christian is.

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